• Meet Konnor, the visionary and founder of GTG.

    His journey from a background in baseball to the great outdoors is a testament to his unwavering determination and adventurous spirit.

    Growing up, Konnor didn't have many opportunities to explore the outdoors due to sports commitments, and financial struggles — but moving to the country changed everything. His family's relocation to five acres of Georgia wilderness opened his eyes to an entirely different world, and he quickly fell in love with the beauty of nature and all things outdoors.

    Konnor made a bold decision to leave behind baseball after his freshman year of high school, opting for a life that aligned with his newfound passion for the outdoors. His family's move to the countryside provided endless opportunities for him to pursue his outdoor adventure dreams. Now, at 23 years old, Konnor is an active social media enthusiast, connecting with people from around the world who share his love for the great outdoors.

    Through his online adventures, Konnor formed strong relationships with experienced sportsmen in the outdoors industry, learning from them and gaining valuable insights. These newfound friendships ignited his desire to give back to those who, like him, yearned for outdoor experiences but lacked the resources and connections to make them happen.

  • Meet Lux, the true embodiment of our adventurous spirit,

    and a beloved member of the GTG family. Born in Effingham County, South Carolina, in 2022, Lux is more than just a dog; he's an explorer at heart. From a young age, Lux exhibited a deep affinity for the great outdoors.

    Lux has always been a loyal companion to Konnor, traveling with him wherever he goes. His love for hunting, travel, and outdoor exploration has been a source of inspiration for the GTG brand. In fact, Lux is the charismatic star of @theluxjung on Instagram, where he shares his adventures and experiences.

    The GTG brand revolves around Lux in a unique way. The majority of the illustrations featured on our products are inspired by Lux's real-life experiences, offering a genuine and personal connection to the outdoors. Every shirt and piece of merchandise tells a story experienced through the eyes of Lux himself.

    Lux is not only a source of inspiration for our designs — but also Konnor's best friend, always eager to accompany him on new adventures. Together, they've forged a bond that embodies the spirit of GTG and the joy of the outdoors. Lux's presence and enthusiasm continue to drive our brand forward, and we're grateful to have him as a part of our team.